1440 Moveable Type on Display

In this newspaper article from 1940 it describes how a local of the area has a rare piece of a bible that he donated or rather let the university borrow the page from this extremely early work of movable print. As many people know it was a relatively new invention come around the time of 1440. So with that being said it would have been extremely rare for something of this sort to be even around at this point for many things have not been stored properly. However, the local man whom had let the university display this was actually aiming to educate students on the importance of technology and the fact that it was the 500 year anniversary of the printing press being invented. Within the display it helped to explain the long term effects of the printing press being invented.

Women’s Table Tennis

In this photograph (not pictured) from 1941 you have a group of girls practicing table tennis. Although it is not stated on the back of the photograph, the school very well could have had a table tennis team at this time. For example after looking through various other sports teams at this time, Misericordia had a plethora of sports that they no longer have, which is unfortunate. However, within the photograph you can see that outside the window it looks like it is possibly snowing outside and that these might be the girls whom would normally play tennis just attempting to hone their skills for once the weather clears up and turns into spring. Altogether this photo shows the inseparable bonds made here while at Misericordia, as their facial expression shows that they are have a good time with close friends and one’s that they may have had for the rest of their lives.