3 girls in McHale

A photograph I found in one of the archive folders labeled as “students”, shows three girls in a dorm room in McHale Hall. I was in awe because the rooms in McHale look exactly the way they do now! The picture shows three girls in the room sitting on the beds, and one is sitting at her desk. It was very interesting to see how their rooms were decorated because how simplicity. During my college experience, I am used to seeing girls’ rooms fully decked out in lights, tapestries, pillows, and other cute desk and table decor. In addition, a significant amount of their belongings looked homemade. For example, one of the girls had a knit pillow with very basic design. I made this conclusion because everything in the 70’s was loud and bold, and you probably would not find her pillow in a department store. I lived in McHale my freshman year back in 2014, and the picture was taken in 1979. Seeing this picture also brought up many memories of freshman year in McHale, which was such an open environment for everyone in the building. Just about every evening me and my roommates’ friends were constantly in each other’s rooms talking, or binge watching movies and T.V. shows!

3 girls in Mchale, 1979. University Photo Collection RG905, Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA.

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