Cartoon of Monseigneur John Joseph Curran

This image is from the Miss Recordia Newspaper, January 1937 edition. The political cartoon is of Rev. Mons. John Joseph Curran, and this edition of the paper was published in his memory. In the center of the image lies a headshot of Reverend Monsignor Curran. This headshot pictures Reverend Monsignor Curran wearing traditional priestly attire, with a serious and proud expression on his face. To the left of the headshot is a smaller image of Rev. Mons. Curran playing golf. Below the image is a description of his favorite hobbies, golf, calisthenics, and reading. It also describes his involvement with the Board of Catholic total abstinence Union of America, and states that he was the first Vice President of the Anti-Saloon League for many years. The image to the left of the headshot is of Rev. Mons. Curran speaking to Union workers. The paragraph below describes how Rev. Mons. Curran strove to settle strikes and “create a spirit of brotherly love between rich and poor.” The image in the bottom left pictures Rev. Mons. Curran at a church. The description below the image states how he was the Pastor at St. Mary’s. It also states that in 1895 he was appointed first pastor of Holy Savior East End City, Wilkes-Barre, and how he was appointed Pastor of St. Mary’s in 1919 and was made Monsignor in 1932. The final image in the bottom right corner shows Rev. Mons. Curran teaching in a classroom. The description below this image gives a short biography of his hometown and his aspirations as a student. This cartoon honors Reverend Monsignor John Joseph Curran’s legacy and his impact on local organizations and individuals.

“Mons. John Joseph Curran,” Miss Recordia (January 1937). University Newspaper collection, CMA 830 Box 1 (1931-1949), Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle University Archives, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA.

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