Ex Communist

I found this one newspaper article in the archives from 1955. Dr. Bella Dodd came to Misericordia to discuss her time in the communist party. She came to discuss her book ‘School of Darkness’ and how she differed from her religion and chose the communist party. I found her interesting because she quit the party pretty close to the end of the war in 1948.  She decided to stay in the party through the war. I wonder if she was forced to stay or believed in what was happening. I would like to do some research on her, like her beliefs, why she joined the party, and why she stayed. It would have been very interesting to be there and listen to her talk. I would like to listen in on the questions asked and ask her questions about the party itself. I find the whole communist story line fascinating so hearing it from someone who was in the party would be a dream come true.


“Ex Communist to Lecture: Will Address students,”  Miss Recordia (April 26,1955). University Newspaper collections, RG830, Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA.

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