May Day 1942- College Misericordia

Miss Recordia 1942. May Day Celebration. University Newspaper Collection, CMA 830 Box 1 (1931-1949) Newspaper. Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle University Archives, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA

This image was featured in the 1942 May edition of the Miss Recordia newspaper. The May Day celebration featured in this image displays the May Day Queen, Katherine Kirchner and her May Day Attendants, Frances McCann and Eudenia Zaleta. May Day celebrations in North America carried the tradition of crowning the Queen of May. In this image, the May Day Queen wears a white gown and a flower gown to symbolize purity. The picture was taken on the front lawn of Mercy. In the background lies the statue Mary and the American flag. Behind the May Day Queen, we see an altar decorated in floral arrangements. Each participant in the May Day festivities is wearing a light colored, or floral gown, and is holding a bouquet of flowers. The only women not holding a floral bouquet are the May Day Queen Attendants, Ms. McCann and Ms. Zaleta. Most of the participants are wearing a floral headpiece. The gowns are all floor length and have sleeves of varying lengths. May Day celebrations throughout Europe, specifically in Great Britain, were celebrated to welcome springtime fertility. Many of the Miss Recordia papers I examined show images of May Day celebrations and portraits of the May Day Queen. An interest of mine would be researching the specific practices of the May Day Celebration at College Misericordia. I’d research how and who started the celebration of May Day and for how many years was it celebrated. Additional factors I would research include: who was in the running for May Day Queen, how the Queen and Attendants were chosen, what were the duties of the Queen and the Attendants, and how long the preparation period for the celebration was.

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