AHM Internship – Week 12

So this week was a short week as Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Everything in the hall, besides the photo contest photographs, is set for our opening which is only 1 week away!! I cannot believe how time has flied since I was first put on this project in May. To see everything finally coming together is very exciting! This week, I hung the final portraits of girls working in the silk mills along with their labels before making a checklist of what we had and did not have in the exhibit. I attempted to mount some of the photo contest photographs but ran out of adhesive so that process is now a little behind. I then proceeded to make catalog each photograph and start a first draft of labels. Since this was a short week and I was on my own due to the holiday, I had to get a little creative on some aspects of the mounting because I could only do so much with little adhesive. However, I am happy to report that I did much better than last time, as I learned to utilize the edges which make cutting easier.

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