Internship Week 12

Ashleigh RoseThis week has been an exciting and busy week for my internship. I started the week with a group meeting for a project I signed up for with Blake and other volunteers. I was able to select the Facebook aspect of the project and will handle data research and input into their system to help them understand current posting habits on all of the facility pages.

Then I was able to attend the staff meeting and submit the minutes for on time. Here we went through a new way of filing information on their stored drive. We also talked about travel plans and I was made aware that I was able to attend the trip in January. I worked closely with David and Suzanna who worked with Monica, in order to make it possible for me to attend and pay for the hotel room that I will stay at. I appreciate their help through the process and look forward to the trip.

I also had another project due on Wednesday to Blake. He needed the interns to do research on when the best time is to post on social media pages. It was fascinating to learn that there is better times for certain companies to post certain topics at certain times to boost the viewing levels. We had to find data and summarize and submit to Blake so he can review and learn as well.


This week has been fun and informative in may aspects, whether it was organization ideas or about the research we did. I am looking forward to the Facebook project with Blake and to see how the statistics I gather will compare to their other social media pages.

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