Internship Week One

Ashleigh Rose

This semester I will be interning with the VA on their VHA digital media team as an administrative support specialist. I will be responsible for writing meeting minutes for staff meetings, keeping detailed logs of project performance/milestones, and sharing information via the group trello board.

During the first week of my internship, I was able to accomplish all of my given tasks and even picked out my continuous task for throughout the upcoming year. The prime source of communication was email but now we are given our assignments on Trello on top of our weekly assignment. For this week, I was able to reach out to all the members of the digital media team and schedule mobile meetings with them for the upcoming week. I was also successful in completing two Trello introductory assignments on time which consisted of two paragraphs about what I would like to accomplish and how it aligns with my education and career goals and some contact information.

I was able to attend the mobile digital meeting on Tuesday for an hour and was able to introduce myself to everyone and learn how the meetings are typically formatted and how they go through their meetings. I was assigned to attend this meeting every week and to officially take the minutes and submit them by the next day.

So far, this internship required me to be alert to all communication via email and promptly reply as soon as possible. I have to check Trello for updates and changes often, looking at other responses and looking at new assignments. Compared to the classroom I feel like this week was about average with the first week of school where it was not much to do but the communication between everyone was non stop and everyday. I will be working with staff team members and other student interns on specific projects like a group project. Overall the first week went smoothly and I look forward to upcoming assignments, consistent Tuesday Meetings, and my meet and greet meetings.

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