Semester Away in DC, John Eisenhauer


MU student John Eisenhauer with Congressman David Jolly (FL), during an MU-sponsored internship in Washington, DC, spring 2016.

“My experience in our nation’s capital was the best experience of my life. When arriving in Washington DC I didn’t realize it yet, but this semester would change my life forever. Suddenly, I was right in the heart of our country. From interning on Capitol Hill, to watching Bono testify in front of Congress, to doing the Waltz at a Viennese Ball, the opportunities were endless. I have made friends from all over the world, visited five different embassies- including the Embassy of Austria- and met a number of foreign diplomats; at times it felt like I was actually studying abroad.

“My education, both formally and informally, was enhanced in ways you cannot find anywhere else. As a student in Washington DC, I was learning from prominent scholars and practitioners that jumped at the opportunity to teach me something new. This semester was truly unique and diverse. Even though it is now time to say goodbye to the amazing friends I have made and the city itself, I know that this is just a temporary goodbye.”

–John Eisenhauer, GLNS major, MU class of 2017
John spent the spring 2016 semester studying at American University and interning in DC as part of a special partnership between MU and AU.  Learn more about the Semester in DC program here.

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