Week 13 LCHS

This week at the Luzerne County Historical Society, I have completed cataloging the Welles Collection and have started on another collection, the Cist collection. My assignment is to locate where objects are in the collection. I was given a list on items under categories, and I have to put the box’s identification code beside the object. As I was marking off objects on the list, I have come across some interesting things. The gentleman with the last name Cist (that the collection came from) was an artist. So, in one of the boxes there are drawings Cist had done that are quite good. There are two small watercolor paintings of landscapes that have nice variations of colors. There are drawings of arms, hands, a full body drawing, and so on. Those particularly caught my attention because of Cist’s ability to draw. I am someone who loves to draw and paint, but I could not draw or paint a human figure. Whenever I attempted to draw a full body picture, it would not come out the way I pictured. Thus, I was slightly jealous because of Cist’s talent in that aspect of things to draw or paint.

Additionally, this past week before I started the Cist collection assignment, I assisted the librarian/archivist with research requests. I was excited for that because as I have said in my last post, I enjoy doing research requests for people. But this research request was different than the previous one I did. This time I had to go through microfilm with images of court records regarding deeds and marriage records. This last research request was difficult in comparison to the other because all of the images were dark on the microfilm. However, I was still able to locate the necessary information in order to get what I was looking for because the microfilm was still readable. Working with microfilm was a new experience for me, as well as working with the technology for it. Thus, I have learned a new skill, which is exciting. This coming week, I am looking forward to continue looking through the Cist collection and finding more interesting things before I end my internship.

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