Week 14 Internship

Ashleigh RoseThis week has been super busy for me between the internship and class work, but some how it is all coming along.

I was able to attend the meeting and get the minutes sent out on time. This week’s meeting discussed a new organization strategy other than Trello and Benefit plans they could get through their job.

I also started working on the digital check up project and got the due date for that, which will be next week. It matches up with Finals nicely. All I am doing is going to all of the Facebook pages , which there is one for each facility, and collecting data for one month and scoring each aspect. After I collect the data, I input and submit the spread sheet to Blake.

I submitted my vendorization form last week, but should be hearing back with in the next few days about booking my hotel room for the January DC conference. They scheduled the Town Hall meeting during the days I will be there, so I get to meet everyone. During this trip, I will also work out a new meeting/huddle to attend for next semester.


I am working hard on the projects given to me and I cannot wait until the conference. I appreciate that everyone is so easy to work with /for and the help I am getting to make the trip possible.

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