Week 7

Despite the sudden changes from the pandemic, I was still able to get ten hours of work done for the week. I have also been sharing my progress with Amanda, by telling her via email how much work I have gotten done each day. Despite just typing names I was still able to uncover some things from the list I was given. I now have more time to get work done by working in intervals throughout the day. For the past few days, I would try to work three hours a day. One of the documents in the folder for 1838 was a Republican newspaper, which I found curious. The party formed in 1854, sixteen years before. The only thing that I could assume from this was that Maxwell was probably an abolitionist or was at least a sympathizer. I was rather upset to miss this because I have always had an interest in the lead up to the Civil War. There was also a letter from a man named George Scranton. This got my attention because of the man’s last name, and it made me wonder if he had any connection to Scranton the city. After a quick web search, I found out that he was a former US representative of PA and is recognized as one of the founders of Scranton. This letter was before George Scranton got was elected in 1859, while the borough was formed in 1856 and the city was founded in 1866. With that said, I believe that Maxwell talked to George Scranton because his family was wealthy and well-known in Pennsylvania.

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