Week 9 AHM

Amber Kelley, Anthracite History Museum, 2017This week at the Anthracite Heritage Museum there was some exciting things that occurred. One exciting thing that occurred was putting up the exhibit at Scranton Historical Museum that held photographs of breakers, miners, and immigrants that are important elements of this area’s history. In addition, there are labels placed beside the picture that highlights the information that pertains to the photographs. I am really excited and proud about this exhibit. I am proud of it because I mounted all of those photos and helped the curator out with picking out the labels and mounting them. That is the first exhibit I have ever helped on and it came out great.

Another exciting thing I did this week was assist the curator in cleaning photograph frames of photographs of the Sauquoit Silk buildings. The process is interesting, but requires a lot of patience. The parts of the process are to use a vacuum under a low suction setting and dab the frame lightly with the vacuum. After I cleaned off the frame of one of the donated artifacts, I had to take a photo of it. I had to take a photo of the artifact in order for the curator to send it to the collections committee. The collections committee would look at the artifact, in order to decide whether the artifact is worth keeping in their specific collection or not. If the collection committee did not accept the artifact, the curator would locate a museum or another facility that could take the artifact and preserve it in their collection. Nevertheless, the artifact I photographed would definitely be accepted because of Sauquoit building’s history in Scranton.

Also,  this past week I helped the volunteers at the museum with Library Day. This event is where members of a local library group come to the Anthracite Heritage Museum to take a tour and participate in crafts. This year there was an activity where one could create a pair of mule ears. I assisted another volunteer in the craft section. There was not a large turnout to the event, but the children who came and participated in it had a lot of fun; showcasing their artistic side. Anyhow, next week will be my last week at the museum, so I am eager to see what the final week has in store for me!

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