1940s College Misericordia Seniors’ Profiles

“As Others See Them,” Miss Recordia (June 1940). University Newspaper Collections RG 830, Misericordia University Special Collections, Dallas, PA.

I enjoyed reading the article, As Others See Them because it gave me insights into the personality qualities that were valued in the 1940s. The fun part of the article for me was that they picked twenty-four qualities which they felt were outstanding. They then picked a student who embodied the specific quality. Some of the attributes were “most humorous,” “jolliest,” “kindest,” “loyal,” “original,” “most reserved,” “useful” and “most vivacious.” It reminded me of Jane Austen’s characters in Pride & Prejudice or Emma. It was refreshing in that there seemed to be an honest innocence in the process. I wondered if the girls saw these qualities in themselves?

They also collectively chose Glenn Miller as their favorite orchestra and Spencer Tracey and Bette Davis as their favorite actors. Interestingly, they picked their favorite past time as reading and their favorite activity as dancing. I thought, what responses would we get today? It took me to a different time. The thinking seemed more collective.

It also discussed politics. Interestingly, the article started with the comment, “the students turned out almost one hundred percent strong to drop their votes in the ballot box.” We can assume, because it was 1940, that it was the presidential election between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie. It was impressive to me that the seniors at College Misericordia were politically active and involved in the voting process of the United States.






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