May Day

One of the most interesting events I came by when doing all of the service learning projects is the May Day. May Day was an event held on campus when the school was still an all girls campus. Basically, students were picked to be the “May Day Queen.” I have a lot of questions about this because this is an event that would not happen now. I wonder where the event originated from and why it was decided to be put on for so many years. I like how in the article it shows that there was a “crownbearer” for the event. It was a very formal and a very interesting event. The outfits that the women wore were so fancy and it was as if it was a prom. Where the students put onto a court and then chosen by off of that? I wonder if the woman that won had to do participate in other events because she was chosen as the May Day Queen. One thing I find very interesting is that I wonder how open this event would be today. Would a campus be allowed to have event like this today? I feel like there truly isn’t that huge of a difference between this and having a homecoming King and Queen. 

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