Engagement Announcements

One of the most interesting things I saw while going through all of the archived newspapers was the announcements that the paper made. One of the interesting sections of the newspaper was the spot where they focused on the seniors. A lot of papers would post about where the seniors might be going after graduation, but the Miss. Recordia posted about what the seniors did each weekend or trips they took. I thought it was very interesting that the paper would post about what other schools students had gone to visit over the weekend and other activities. It’s amazing that this campus was once so small that it could post things such as this in the newspaper. I also thought it was interesting how they would post death announcements of previous students who had left the school. Also, it was really interesting how they posted about engagements. Was it because of the size of the campus that they could post things such as this in the paper? Now we would never be able to post any of these things due to the fact that it is not really considered news.

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