Engagement Announcements

One of the most interesting things I saw while going through all of the archived newspapers was the announcements that the paper made. One of the interesting sections of the newspaper was the spot where they focused on the seniors. A lot of papers would post about where the seniors might be going after graduation, but the Miss. Recordia posted about what the seniors did each weekend or trips they took. I thought it was very interesting that the paper would post about what other schools students had gone to visit over the weekend and other activities. It’s amazing that this campus was once so small that it could post things such as this in the newspaper. I also thought it was interesting how they would post death announcements of previous students who had left the school. Also, it was really interesting how they posted about engagements. Was it because of the size of the campus that they could post things such as this in the paper? Now we would never be able to post any of these things due to the fact that it is not really considered news.


Students participating in Sleep-Out Protest, 1973

After reading the newspapers that so many people think was so long ago, it’s crazy to see the similarities. In recent years and even months protesting has been in the news often. In these pictures students were participating in the Student Sleep Out Protest in 1973. What was the protest actually about? Did they accomplish anything by protesting? Where they allowed to protest on campus or did they have to protest somewhere else?

Students participating in Time-Out Day

Another protest that was on campus was Time Out Day in the early 1970s. This protest took place in the cafeteria at Misericordia. What were they protesting about? Why did they choose to protest on campus? I just find it very interesting that protests actually took place on campus. I think that today, protests like this on campus would not be handled so well.

This photograph is a picture that was in the newspaper. The students were demonstrating for peaceful cooperation of Misericordia. What was Misericordia not cooperating with? Did this protest accomplish what the students wanted to accomplish?

Have Times Really Changed?

One of the most interesting articles that I found in the newspaper was an issue that we are still dealing with on this campus today. The entire article is about parking and students complaining about it. It was interesting how they approached parking at the time. It wasn’t the same as it is now, but yet we still have so many issues. Was there ever a time when parking was not an issue? It’s interesting because before even entering this school year the issue of parking was addressed. The school sent an informing the students that there where parking spots being removed and then added to another spot. I just think it’s interesting that all of these years later that we are still dealing with the same issues. I also think it interesting that parking was so different. There was A,B,C, etc parking stickers. Is there a reason we got away from that system? What was the new system that was put into place? 

May Day

One of the most interesting events I came by when doing all of the service learning projects is the May Day. May Day was an event held on campus when the school was still an all girls campus. Basically, students were picked to be the “May Day Queen.” I have a lot of questions about this because this is an event that would not happen now. I wonder where the event originated from and why it was decided to be put on for so many years. I like how in the article it shows that there was a “crownbearer” for the event. It was a very formal and a very interesting event. The outfits that the women wore were so fancy and it was as if it was a prom. Where the students put onto a court and then chosen by off of that? I wonder if the woman that won had to do participate in other events because she was chosen as the May Day Queen. One thing I find very interesting is that I wonder how open this event would be today. Would a campus be allowed to have event like this today? I feel like there truly isn’t that huge of a difference between this and having a homecoming King and Queen.