Home economics fashion show

I came across a folder labeled “Home Economics Fashion Show”. These photographs showed a Home Economics class showcasing clothes the students designed. One particular student’s design caught my attention with the flower print, and sleek, fitted style. The pictures did not have a date on them, so I assume this fashion show took place in the mid to late 1960’s based on the style of the their clothes. In addition, the advertisements caught my attention and helped me determine the year as well. All of the posters were advertising Broadway plays located in New York City. I assume that every poster featured a Broadway play because the fashion show was held in the theater. Furthermore, all of the photographs were in black and white, but I could envision the colors of the ads. Advertisements in the 60’s featured large visuals, bold colors and minimal amount of copy in order to immediately capture the consumers attention. After analyzing the posters, I began to wonder what other posters/ads were on campus. 1960’s ads were also a tool to encourage materialism, but as a private catholic institution did the administration allow the students to be exposed to these ads on campus?


Home Economics Fashion show, 1960-. University Photo Collection RG905, Sister Mary Carmel McGarigle Archives, Misericordia University, Dallas, PA.

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