AHM Internship – Week 2

My second week at Anthracite was very interesting. We received an inquiry from a person trying to learn about his family’s history in the mines. Through this, I learned how to trace a mine company’s history by using data books published by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. These books trace the mine companies that were in operation for that year, where their mine was located, how much they produced, how much they shipped, and any accidents and how many victims, if any. Using the mine company’s name and time period he provided, I was able to research the mine company’s history. Using the data books, I was able to speculate the company’s opening year and it’s closing year.  I was able to also able to track where the company moved when it closed a specific location and other details. I was very happy when I completed this inquiry as I was able to use limited information and tell a story about this specific company. I hope that this information will help advance the individual in his search for his family’s history.

It’s also time to start preparing the exhibit hall for the new photography exhibit!

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