AHM Internship – Week 4

This week at AHM I did more manual labor than I probably will do my whole internship. After contacting and setting up appointments with various outside sources for photographs to include in the new exhibit, I  put my painting skills to use and began working inside the exhibit.


To get ahead of some of the renovation that needs to be done in the exhibit space, I began painting the borders around the top of walls. This included spending a great deal of time on a later, trying not to get paint all over the place. While the final color for the exhibit needs to be chosen, getting some of this work done now will help down the road as we need to give the room at least forty-eight hours to dry and be able to use.


In a week, it will be officially two months before the exhibit is set to open and the anticipation is building within everyone at AHM and inside myself. After working on this exhibit for so long and seeing the pieces come together, I cannot wait to see the final product.



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