AHM Internship – Week 9

The date for the opening is approaching quickly. We are about one month away from our opening date. While last week I worked on the catalog, I am now working on some of the finer details of the exhibit such as framing, matting, and making sure the prints came out perfect. However, one persistent issue that has plaguing the whole process was the actual color of the photos that were being printed. For some reason, all of the prints that we obtained from the Library of Congress (LOC) database were showing up on Photoshop normal, but then when they printed, the image had tints of green, blue and some even red. Throughout the past few weeks I have been researching this issue to find a solution. Through many trials and errors, the curator at AHM and me were able to find temporary solution. When I would upload the photograph on Photoshop, I would have to switch the mode that the original photo was in. This worked for the majority of the LOC photographs and allowed me to print all of them. Next week, I will be shown how to create the labels for the photographs so that we can put them on the exhibit walls.

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