AHM Internship – Week 8

This week at AHM left me putting the final details of the catalog layout together. I spent this past week doing the tedious job of making sure every photo has a caption, in a specific order, and in a specific section. This took up the bulk of my time as it needed to be checked multiple times to insure accuracy. The next step on this process was putting everything in order according to the way everything will be hung in the exhibit. This was much easier as once I had everything created, I was then able to switch some of the sections. The last part of building the exhibit catalog included putting in the finish pieces such as headers, title and cover page, as well as rear cover page. The finish project looked perfect (at least to me), and I cannot wait to see the final product. I was so happy to be part of this experience as I was able to learn the details of making an exhibit catalog while figuring out my own organizational skills in the process.

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