Anthracite Heritage Museum 2/14/22-2/16/22

Kendall Williams

For this week, I focused mainly on cleaning artifacts. Because there was a delay in getting an account for me to use the site’s computers, cleaning was the next most important task. When I had gotten through the remainder of the machines that needed to be cleaned, I helped in the process of accessioning a new item.

Photographs of mine locations, ruins, breakers, historical sistes, and furnaces had been donated to the museum and had to be assessed to be added into the collection. My task was to look through the photographs and count how many had been donated, and also note what the primary subject was for each set of photos. This was important because in order for them to become part of the collection, they had to meet the mission statement of the museum. Because they pretained to mines, mining areas, furnaces, and breakers, they apply to the museum’s mission of collecting, interpreting, and presenting the story of coal mining.

The photographs would then be submitted for approval to be accessioned into the collection. It was helpful to see the process of accessioning something like large collections of photographs as opposed to an individual item, as it is difficult to go as in depth for many photographs as opposed to just one or a few photographs.

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