Anthracite Heritage Museum 4/25/22-5/1/22

Kendall Williams

This week my project was to help with research for a small exhibit that would be displayed at the Lackawanna County Fair this summer. I read about the beginnings of the Anthracite Mining Industry and worked to create a timeline of important events about the industry and its foundations.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to research information about the Anthracite Mining Industry, as it is something I have never learned about on my own before. While I do now know much more from my time interning, I still appreciated the opportunity to read about it myself and to note important events that shaped the industry.

I also had the opportunity to help on the weekend with a group of geneaologists who were looking for information about their ancestors who worked in mines in the Anthracite region. We assisted them by providing them with access to books detailing mine reports, and we helped to look for maps for specific requests any of the researchers had. I enjoyed being able to work with the public more, even if it was for a shorter time, as it gave me more insight to how a curator helps to fulfill their role in helping the public to find information.

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