Anthracite Heritage Museum 5/2/22-5/4/22

Kendall Williams

This week I began by working in Argus, using it to update web descriptions and titles for artifacts in the collection. I worked with the written accession sheets for about 100 fossil artifacts that are in the collection. I used the information on them to first check to see if the description was entered correctly, and then used the artifact’s decription to create a web description that would be accessible to the public. Later on in the next week, I went through and did some minor editing to the web titles and descriptions.

I also helped to catalog a group of journals that would be going into the museum’s library. I entered each journal into the library catalog, making sure that the edition, issue, and year were all correct. Later, I organized the journals chronologically and moved them to their location on a shelf in the archives.

I enjoyed doing this work because it makes later use much easier, and should someone need acces to the journals, we will know exactly where they are an what issues we have. Using Argus to make web descriptions makes artifacts more accessible and allows the public to use them, which is beneficial in allowing the local community to have access to information to become more educated about local history.

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