Anthracite Heritage Museum 7/18/2022-7/21/2022

Kendall Williams

Kendall Williams

This week I had some new projects to work on. There were some requests for photographs for different projects, so I worked on scanning them so that they could be sent to the people requesting them. One request was for photographs of Susquehanna Coal Company Breakers, and another was for photographs from the 1902 Coal Strike.

I also got the opportunity to inventory more photographs. This time, it was photographs of different breakers from the Anthracite area, as well as some photographs of mine workers and mine disasters. I continued to scan more photographs from my project from the previous week as well.

Because John was back from vacation, we were able to go to Eckley Miner’s Village again on Thursday. That day we began packing artifacts into boxes. Because Eckley does not have much storage space, some homes are used as storage units. However, the homes do become somewhat dirty, meaning that dust can build up on artifacts, which could attract water and cause rot or rust. In order to better protect them, we began to clean the artifacts and move them into boxes that were padded with foam. This ensures the objects are kept away from dust and dirt and are secure so that they will not break.

I enjoyed being able to work in both settings this week. I think that it represents the many different roles a curator may fill at a smaller museum or historical site.

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