Anthracite Heritage Museum 7/25/2022-7/28/2022

Kendall Williams

Kendall Williams

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Dunmore Historical Society to see what they had in their collection. The society, unfortunately, is no longer running, so they invited people from other historical sites and museums to view their collections to see if they were interested in taking any items into their own.

I went alone to the meeting as John had to go pick up a collection at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The Historical Society had some artifacts relating to coal mining history. There were a few maps, a folder of documents, and a collection that related to the Pennsylvania Gravity Railroad.

The most interesting object was the rail, which was actually from the gravity railroad itself. I took photos and notes about the collection and brought back what I had to show John later in the week.

We also went to Eckley again, where I continued to pack more artifacts and created inventories for each of the boxes.

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