Celestial Light

So one thing this internship has done for me is it has allowed me to explore a variety of things that I would not have done, from fantastic restaurants, to concerts of bands whose genre is labeled “Art Pop.” My internship has not just taught me about Blindness but it has exposed me to other aspects of our culture. Recently there was an event called Art Scape which is the nation’s largest free art festival. During this festival there was a bunch of art exhibits one of them was called Celestial light (See below) when you walked through there was nothing but the roof, and it was placed so that when you came out you were bathed in natural light. As a way for you realized that the celestial light is all around you. I have to say that it was quite interesting. Reading the reactions on people’s faces who left after me, I don’t think many saw it the way that  I did; still, others not seeing it as I did didn’t diminish its brilliance.
 photo 13718615_167815110302736_2729999265514289938_n_zpsqaikdnzd.jpg

Picture of Celestial Light Exhibit (A giant cloth moon you walk through)

The reality that Summer 2016 is my last summer as an undergraduate student has gotten my mind craving experience and I have to admit that I had been craving this experience before it had even started. Back in May I knew I wanted to travel this summer. In fact, I had a plan of places I was going to go to before I even left for Baltimore, but of course those plans did not play out as they had in my mind. Still I can’t deny how amazing it has been to travel around as much as I have and how fantastic it is to have been blessed to live here in Baltimore for two months. Sometimes I think we forget to realize where we are in our lives; we are constantly trying to obtain happiness when happiness is right here. We don’t have to go search for it, but when you can, it’s that much more sweet.

The art exhibit entitled Celestial Light grounded me and reminded me I am here, right where I am meant to be.  I admit it is a bit new agey. Still I am a firm believer in this construct, however, in no way do I find it as an excuse to stay stagnate, but rather as an encouragement to embrace the moment. This is what I did later that night, when I was at a free The Mighty Mighty Bosstones concert. While the band played their music, a mosh pit formed and right before the song “The Impression That I Get” I had jumped in and moshed; people who know me know that I am a pretty uptight guy who doesn’t believe in taking “unnecessary risks” (even high water-slides are on my “been there and done that” list) – but being present I was feeling inspired so I jumped into this mosh pit with a bunch of people who had contagious smiles, and to be honest, it was freaking amazing. It wasn’t a violent pit like the ones depicted in angst filled 90s teen movies and at no time was I in danger.  I was off hours so there was no reason to not have fun and it was awesome. I totally got to check something off my “never in a million years” bucket-list. Both this art exhibit and the act of jumping into a mosh pit acted as a wake-up call, putting things that were floating around in my brain in order so that when I jumped in, and being present, my heart softened. As a result, I feel a lot more humble.

 photo 13697099_167812426969671_1296433672370161896_n_zps5gy80yd8.jpg

Picture from the Mighty Might Bosstones concert

So with that said I have a message for the next person who takes on this intern assignment. Opportunity will appear to you because you are in a city, and I implore you to not take those moments for granted, in fact I urge you to go seek these opportunities out because life is short and you only live once. Even though I am uptight normally I always have sought new experiences (just not such dramatic ones) because I know we are better for experiencing them.  For every time you step outside your comfort zone be it trying new food or jumping into a mosh pit you will find more empathy for your fellow man.  Before moshing I didn’t know that it could be actually fun.  I broke down a barrier and realized that these people were just having a good time and that’s not a sin or something to be frowned upon.

 photo 13692539_167812523636328_1228285148602983780_n_zpspgg5ixm5.jpg

Picture of a rainbow at the Bosstones Concert

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