This is it!

Lester headshotMuch to my dismay this blog marks my last entry for MU Local History Projects: Interns Corner. As I head into my final year of studying at Misericordia I am reflecting on my time working in the library at the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). From the very first day I have been exposed to a whole new world. I started this journey by learning both NFB philosophy, and history. I have learned the long history the NFB has had in fighting for disability rights and the importance of fighting for them.

The NFB has taught me so much about the world and my place in it. It has taught me about the privilege I have as a sighted person, and it has shown me that as a sighted person there are things I can do to further their mission, such as advocating inclusiveness–both by political action as well as making choices to promote inclusiveness everyday,  taking a few moments to be mindful of my day to day actions, photo captioning, and not using language that is divisive in casual conversations. None of these are too hard in practice, and can go a long way in the fight for equality for all.

While here in Baltimore I have become to believe I am morally obligated to do this. I have learned about this obligation through the research I have conducted and the experiences that I have been exposed to, but most importantly, through the friends I have made.

My heart is breaking having to leave my fellow interns; they are all such great people. We have become a weird dysfunctional family. These people have made me laugh, they allowed me to worry, and be my goofy, geeky, insecure self without holding judgement. To Julie, Michael, Danielle, Luisa, and Jerad–and of course the one and only William Robert (Bill) who is Julie’s guide dog and my new best friend–I am going to miss living with you guys. I hope you know it is partly because of you that I am leaving Maryland with a better understanding of both the importance of The NFB and what blind people are capable of.

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