Eckley Miner’s Village week 1

Eckley_village_GCwk1Last week, I started my internship at Eckley Miner’s Village. As an intern at Eckley I will be giving tours at least twice a day and I will also be working on some projects in the Dr. office and the company store exhibits, and working on some educational projects with the education coordinator. For my first week at Eckley, I went out on tours with the other tour guides to see how they gave their tours. I got to see how they put their won little twist on the content. I took some notes and really enjoyed the tours that I went on. By the end of the week, I figured out what I would say on my tours. I got to walk around the site with the museum director and he showed me the buildings where I would be focusing my attention. Some of the projects I will be doing is to find new panels to put in the Dr. office, and find items to put in the company store that were found in the 1950s.  I got to know the staff there and learned my way around Eckley. Overall, I enjoyed my first week there and I am looking forward to the rest of my time there.

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