Eckley Miner’s Village week 2

Gina2 for web

Image courtesy of Misericordia University

It is the end of my second week at Eckley and it has been a busy one. At the beginning of the week, I gave my first tour. I was very nervous to give a tour, but once I got going, it was a breeze. The people that come to Eckley to go on the tours are very nice and are willing to learn things they never knew before. I also worked on finding some printing companies that would be able to do the work that we need to be done in the Dr. office. The panels in the office are old and need new text, so it is my job to find a company that will do an adhesive overlay that we can put over the panels we have now. I have found two or three printing companies that are willing to take on this project, but I have to do some finalizing this coming week with these companies. I had to go to the Dr. office and measure each of the panels individually and took pictures of them to send to the companies. Some of the companies wanted a visual representation to know better of what I am asking of them. Hopefully, by the end of next week I will have a company locked in that will be willing to take on the challenge.

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