Eckley Miners’ Village week 5

Gina2 for webThis week at Eckley I have been continuing my work for the Dr. Office, Company Store, and now and educational project. I have been keeping in touch with the printing companies, and the museum director and I have decided on going with patches for the panels. I have to send some of the companies the measurments for the patches now instead of the whole panel size, so I plan on doing that today or next week. I have been researching online for some things that could be found in a company store in the 1950s and have gotten some good materials. The museum director last week gave me a list of things that Eckley residents remembered were in the store, so I have been going off of that. Next week I plan to get more into that project, but for now I am just getting started. Earlier in the week I met with the director and educational coordinator to see if we could have me do something for one of our special events to meet my educational part of the internship. I was given the task to research rotary phones in the 1940s, as this is for our 1940s weekend in August. Basically, I have to give a rundown on what a rotary phine is, how it works, etc, while still making it easy for children to understand. We willl have an actual rotary phone that one of our volunteers have, so we can show the public, especially the children, how it works and what it looks like. I have already begun to do some research, so hopefully by the end of next week or so I should have some good material that they can use that weekend.

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