Eckley Miner’s Village week 4

Image courtesy of Misericordia University

Image courtesy of Misericordia University

Last week I continued my work for the Dr. Office. I got in touch with some of the other companies, and received quotes from them. I received some material samples from one company to see which material would be better for us in the project, and I went over those with the museum director. Together, he and I, went down to the Dr. Office on site with the samples, and looked at which sample would look better and work better for us. We did not come to a final decision, but I emailed the company about two of the samples to see what the quotes would be for both of them. We are now thinking patches for the panels instead of a full blown overlay. We would just need a smaller size of material for each print on the panel, which in turn would bring the cost down also. I also started to work on another project that I was given, which is the Company Store. I have to find things that would have been found in a 1950s company store in a mining town. The museum director gave me a list of things that were actually found at Eckley’s company store, as it was told to him over the years by former residents of Eckley. I will be working on that now, while still focusing on my project for the Dr. Office.

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