Fall Week 2

This week I have been inventory

Sara Shields

ing different documents, such as maps and pay rate booklets, from the Susquehanna Colliery Company. This has helped me understand the process of cataloguing new materials into collections. Doing this virtually is different than doing this in-person because rather than having all of the documents right in front of me, I have to look at photos. However, it has still definitely been interesting and enlightening.

This week I was also given new material to inventory that has to do with the local community and the COVID-19 pandemic. There are stories and artifacts from community members about their experiences with the pandemic and how it has affected them. This will potentially become part of an online exhibit for the Anthracite Heritage Museum, which I think is a great idea for museums to do in these unprecedented times.

Unfortunately, I still have not been granted access to the state’s database for collections and cataloguing, so I am unable to do everything that John and I hoped I would be doing by now. We hope that by next week I’ll be given my login information so we can get started on other projects.

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