Volunteer Update

Sara Shields

These past couple weeks have been kind of slow with AHM. As I said in my past blog posts, getting my account set up with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (CWOPA) has been a struggle. However, thankfully this week I have successfully been able to have access to my account! This week I went to the museum in order to set up my account, and then I completed multiple web training programs in order to get me prepared to use the state’s online system. Now that I have this account set up, I’ll finally be able to access Argus, which is the database where Pennsylvania Museums catalogue all of their artifacts. I’m very excited to finally be able to do this!

While at the museum this week, I also attended a staff meeting which was conducted over Zoom due to the current pandemic. These staff meetings involve discussing various ways the museum can still reach the public while the doors are closed because of COVID-19, such as online exhibits and lectures.

Overall, I am very excited to get the CWOPA account set up so that I can start working and learning more!

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