Last Week at Eckley Miners’ Village

Today is my last day here at Eckley, and I can honestly say I am going to miss it. I have had such a great time here, with many opportunities that will help me further my career. This past week I have been finalizing the paperwork for the Dr. Office, and finishing the project for the educational coordinator. I am organizing all the information I have on the Dr. Office project, so I can give it to the museum director when I leave today. I will not be able to see the project being worked on, but I plan on coming back when it is done, so I can see that all my hard work paid off! I have given all of the tours this week when I was here, so that hindered me from getting as much work as I could get done, but I enjoyed it. I found myself reallly enjoying giving the tours; they are especially good when the people are asking questions and generally interested in this type of history. Today, I am waiting on the educational coordinator to look at my information I gave her for the project, so we can go over it to see if it is everything she needed. This project was interesting for me because I do not know much about rotary phones, so it was interesting to find out all different kinds of information about it. I really enjoyed working on the Dr. Office project, as it gave me an insight on what it would be like if I did work in a museum and things needed to be fixed or anything. I have an idea of where to start and who to call with certain things. This project took up most of my time here at Eckley, as it was a big job. I think I would have gotten it done sooner if I did not constantly have to give tours. I could have saw my hard work being brought to life, instead of having to come back after it is done. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here at Eckley and I am so thankful for this opportunity. Hopefully next year and the future will be bigger and better things!

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