Eckley Miners’ Village week 8

Image courtesy of Misericordia University

Image courtesy of Misericordia University

Last week at Eckley I focused on last minute things that needed to be done for the Dr. Office project. On Monday I went out to the Dr. Office and put individual patches made of paper on the sections of the panels that needed to be done. I cut pieces of paper to fit each section of the panels, and hung them on so we would be able to see what the panels would look like with the patches. After that was done, I took some more measurements. I took measurements of the text itself to see how big the font would be so I could let the printing companies know. When I got back from the office, I finished up the bid document for the printing companies and sent it to the museum director. He took a look at it and sent me a totally finished document on Wednesday when I came back. Once I looked at that and made sure everything was correct, I then sent that document to all of the printing companies that we have narrowed it down to. I sent them an email letting them know that if they are still interested in the project to let me know as soon as they can, because of the fact that I am done with my internship this coming week. On Friday, I had two emails from two of the printing companies. One of them declined the bid because they could not guarantee that their products would last 10 or so years, and the other company is fully on board. Today, I emailed the other two companies to see what was going on since I have not heard from them, and only one of them emailed me back saying they are on board. I have yet to hear from the last company. In between all of this I have been trying to finish up my project with the education coordinator here. Our 1940s weekend event is this coming weekend, so I want to make sure that she has everything that she needs before I leave. I, unfortunately, am not able to attend the event this weekend due to work, but hopefully next year I will be able to go! Hopefully by the end of my internship this week, we will have a deal with a printing company and can get started on redoing the Dr. Office. I plan on coming back on a tour after the office is done to see that my hard work paid off!

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