NFB week four

Gina close up, 2017My fourth week is at an end here at the National Federation of the Blind. As the weeks grow shorter, I am more reluctant to leave for home. I have found myself loving the area that I am in more and more, and I hope one day I am fortunate enough to come back to Baltimore. Inner Harbor is my favorite place to be, and I went on the water taxi and found some other cute little towns also that I fell in love with. I have gotten to visit so many places in these several weeks I have been here such as, the National Aquarium, the Maryland Zoo, Little Italy, and Fort McHenry.

This week in the library I worked on rehousing old photographs from the 1980s. The binders that they were in were old and falling apart, so Anna (the archivist) asked if I could take them out, put them in separate folders, and then in boxes. I really enjoyed doing that because I had the opportunity to see the history of the NFB, from National Conventions, to even finding a picture of Stevie Wonder receiving an award. That was an amazing find for me because I absolutely love Stevie Wonder as a musician. Being able to see some of the older members of the NFB was exciting; I had heard stories about Jim Gashel through Anna and the interns, and I got to see pictures of him at the Conventions.

I also worked on the tenBroek collection once again. After that, I began to rehouse some of the different periodicals Anna has in the library, one of them being The Jewish Braille Review. I had to organize them and then put them in boxes and label what the boxes had in them. I am really enjoying my time here, and I am sad to see it go by so fast!

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