Week 3 Anthracite Heritage Museum

Amber Kelley, Anthracite History Museum, 2017This past week at the museum, I did two half-hour tours with two small groups of second graders. During that time, I faced a challenge that I was nervous, yet excited, to face. The challenge that I faced and will continue to face throughout my internship is public speaking. Public speaking is a challenge for me because I am not used to speaking in front of a crowd for a long period of time. So, after doing two tours I faced that challenge head on and have developed public speaking skills that will become stronger moving forward. I am eager to grow these skills and become more confident in speaking in front of a crowd and in myself.

Along with developing public speaking skills, the workers at the museum have made it easy for me too. They have made the environment welcoming for me in a way that I feel as though I have been there for a long time. As a result, I feel more confident and engage in my extroverted side. Due to this, I have met a worker that has similar interests in the Titanic and as a result, has shown me fascinating documents on the ship, the telegrams, the passengers, and so on. The documents have information about the ship that I was not familiar with and as a result, I have learned more about the “unsinkable” ship. I am blessed to be working alongside these individuals because they are making this internship a fulfilling experience.

Since one part of my internship is learning the museum jobs that are behind the scenes, I am going to start a project for an event that will occur in mid-July. It is a project that requires a press release and a poster. I am beyond excited to work on this project because I have never done a press release before and creating posters are fun and a great way to show one’s creativity. Most importantly, I am excited to do this project because that could possibly be something I would like to do for a career. Overall, this week was fantastic and I am eager to see what next week has in store!

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