NFB week three

Gina close up, 2017Time is flying by here in Baltimore. It is the end of my third week here at the National Federation of the Blind and I am continuing to love it here. I feel as though I have become a part of a small close knit family. The other interns and I have continued to grow closer, as our Moe’s runs and Grey’s Anatomy marathons are things we have been doing together. It is only the second week with the other interns, but I feel already that we are going to be friends long after this internship is over.

This week we had an all staff meeting on Monday with the President. At the meeting I met some of the other workers that I did not have a chance to meet my first week here. Also, they discussed the National Convention and the plans they have for it this year. Now that I am here, I wish I had a chance to attend Convention, but I have other responsibilities at home. I have been learning this week more about the philosophy of the NFB and the reasons that Convention happens every year. I have read some speeches from the past presidents of the NFB such as, Jacobus tenBroek, Kenneth Jernigan, and Mark Maurer. Their words are so powerful and really speak to you. I had the chance to meet Mark Maurer and speak to him, and from the ten minutes I was with him, I could tell that all he wanted to do in life was to help the NFB and make changes in the world for people with disabilities.

For this week, I continued with my work on the Jacobus tenBroek collection. I also listened to several other oral histories and made interview logs for them. As I said last week, this internship has helped me to determine and reinforce that the field I want to pursue in life is museum/ library work, concentrating more on the archival aspect of it. I am so excited for the last three weeks of my internship!



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