Weekly Update

Sara Shields

This week has been good, as I’ve had much more work to do than I have previously. This week I’ve been cataloguing items from two different collections into the state’s online object database, Argus. It consists of assigning the object an object number, stating the source of the object, a brief description, condition report, location of the object, etc. It’s definitely been very useful information to learn.

The objects I’ve been cataloguing are COVID-19 related items from local businesses during the pandemic. Objects include things like masks, hand sanitizer, and signs. Once I finished up on cataloguing these items into Argus, I also wrote up the catalogue worksheets for another collection that has not yet been assigned an accession number in Argus. With these worksheets, it will be easy to put the objects into Argus once these been assigned an accession number because all of the information will be in one location.

I’m excited for this upcoming week because I will be going through local COVID-19 stories and determining key words for each story. It is important to document the state of our current world because in 100 years, people will be studying and reading about 2020 in their history books. Therefore, collecting stories, oral histories, and artifacts right now will help people in the future have a better understanding of what our lives were like this year.


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