AHM Internship – Week 7

Another busy week at AHM as we are putting together the catalog for the exhibit. The catalog is a representation of the whole exhibit, minus any last minute details/objects that we choose to put in the exhibit. This will be published and distributed to those who wish to buy it as a souvenir of the exhibit. However there are several things I needed to do in order to put this exhibit together.

I first needed to gather all of the items that are going to be in the exhibit. This includes all of the section introductions, and all photographs and accompanying captions. Then I need the specific order of the photographs as they will be placed in the exhibit. This was probably the hardest part, as I first needed to get those involved to send me their order. After getting all of information, it then needs to assembled in a particular order, which is what I will spend the greater part of next week on.

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