Anthracite Heritage Museum 5/9/22-5/11/22

Kendall Williams

This was my final week at the Anthracite Heritage Museum for my spring semester internship. This week, I helped in working on the exhibit for the Lackawanna County Fair. John and I found graphics for each display panel and printed them, allowing them to dry before we mounted them onto foam core. We trimmed the graphics and adhered them to the foam core, so that they later could be attached to the display. This week was slower than other weeks, but I am happy to be returning again in June for a summer internship at the Anthracite Heritage Museum.

I have learned a lot from my experience so far, and I enjoy being able to do hands-on work that allows me to experience firsthand how a curator position is at a small museum. I enjoyed working with the collection and learning how to use Argus, and I also was able to use a lot of practical skills during my time there. I am excited to continue my internship, as it will allow me to build further on the foundation we have created throughout this spring semester. I am also excited to have the opportunity to work with other interns, as I feel collabrative work is something that I likely will experience often in my career in the future. This intership has solidified my interest in working in a museum, and I hope that I can continue to learn from my upcoming experience this summer.

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